And there goes by another week. This one went by quick.

A quick sprint-retro style summary to start with:

What went well?

  • The Early twenties podcast Ep #4 featuring Aditya Vijaykumar, saw the most listens (amongst the episodes we have released thus far) (You can stream below)
  • Got myself a new phone. A one plus 6t :)
    • I know its not really something I achieved, but I’m happy about it
  • Went for a spinning session with Gargi. It was a lot of fun. Trust me, a LOTTT!
    • Very intensive and light on my knees, loved it (well, lighter than running :P )

What didn’t go well?

  • Pain in Knee socket came back (Runner’s knee) and I was able to get only 2 runs in the week.
    • The pain is slowly going away tho, so that’s a positive
  • No meditation the entire week
    • To act on fixing this, I intend to do 1 session immediately after writing this report
  • Missed out on making use of my weekend. Had a particular useless weekend, with not a lot of work and not a lot of relaxing either. These are the worst kinds of weekends. Need to fix this
    • The problem that I identifed is that I went in to sleep very late on both Friday and Saturday and didn’t really jot down things to do on the next day (or a plan for the day). On the subsequent day, I woke up late and woke up without a target. Ended up wasting time on random things.
    • To be fair, I went to the British Museum and that was fun :)
  • Haven’t read a page. Major lacking on that target of mine.

Here’s Ep #4:

Jumping to the Things I heard/read

  • As discussed earlier, I haven’t read shit :(. Will fix that soon
  • I finally completed the Hardcore history podcast: blitz-painfotainment. It was a long one (4.5 hours). I absolutely loved Dan Carlin’s narration, tbh, it did get boring and I started zoning out and each time that happened, Dan did something and added an element which brought back all my attention to the podcast. I cannot recommend it more. I am also halfway into a second episode by Hardcore history which is King of Kings (The assyrian empire). Coincidently, I had a look at a lot of artefacts from that era during my visit to the British Museum. Life is funny at times :)

To be honest, I didn’t really want to write this week’s report. I was finding reasons to avoid writing this. I feel that I haven’t done a great job with this report but I’m happy that I wrote it irrespectively.

Done > Perfect! ⚔️⚔️⚔️

See ya later!