Wassup Wassup Wassup!

Welcome to another one of my weekly reports. I’ve been really pumped in this last week. Will jump straight to the summary

What went well?

  • The Early twenties podcast Ep #5 featuring Devanshi Kotak was just released 24 hours back and is seeing a good listen count despite the delay in uploading. (You can stream below, also have bloopers with this one!)
  • Got my workouts in. YASSS! That’s really my priority uno in life right now. That’s good and bad. Want to make it a habit so that I don’t have to think about it so much and still continue to reap in the benefits :)
    • This btw includes both running and strength/yoga types drills that I copy from the Nike Training club application.
    • Couldn’t recommend that app enough :)
    • Pain in knee socket doesn’t seem around. Coconut oil FTW! I also slowed my workouts or focused on strength drills instead of runs. Believe that helped.
  • Believe I had a relatively succesful week at work. Closing down on a design problem. Would like to jump to and complete it’s implementation before I start my training in mid-february.
  • Got a couple of meditation sessions in.
  • Starting consuming Huel. Hoping that that’d save me some time and money once a week.

What didn’t go well?

  • Only a couple of meditation sessions this week. I spend only 10 minutes per session and really want it to get done.
    • Really enjoy my 10 minutes whenever I do this.
  • Haven’t read a page. Major lacking on that target of mine.
    • This has been an unchanged “what didn’t go well” from last time. Not at all happy with that :(
    • Have to keep reminding myself that I have a 18 books target for the year.
  • Haven’t spent time working on a blog post or side projects. I’m not sure how I spend my time post my job, but I don’t seem to have enough* left after I’ve figured out my dinner and workouts.
    • Having said that I believe that there’s always time. Have to focus on finding it :D
  • Have realized that I’m really not taking care of my sleep during the weekdays and due to which I must lose out on multiple hours on my sleep debt during the weekend.

Things I’m looking forward to?

  • Work Work Work
    • As mentioned, I aim to close-in on the design problem and start on the implementation.
  • Workouts
    • With every passing week, I’m inching close to my London Winter Run, which is a 10K run. I have to increase my long run distance in order to do 10K on the 3rd of Feb. I’m feeling better in my legs and particularly my knees, so really excited about that.
  • The Early twenties podcast
    • We have been fortunate to receive a good response from a few folks, esp in the last two episodes. I’m trying to do a guest episode as well. I’m not really sure as to how will it be, but trying my best! :D
  • Other goals:
    • I really want to grasp the things that have been slipping from my hands and start working on them, be it my meditation sessions, books and side projects/website work.

An amazing time to be alive and kicking! :D

Here’s Ep#5:

And here are the bloopers: :P

I think I was mostly listening to the Hardcore history podcast this week as well.

  • https://www.dancarlin.com/hardcore-history-57-kings-kings-ii/ is what I heard. I’ve just started listening to the next one in this series which is a 5 hour long podcast. Excited. History has never seemed more interesting to me. I always felt that I love the story aspect of history and listening to Dan is really entertaining.
  • Just today, I finished an episode of Casey and Candice’s Couple’s therapy. I absolutely loved it. Really have to learn to fight with people from them. It’s a rather short 37 minute episode, must listen!

I feel that I’m just talking about the podcasts that I heard, while I’m probably seeing/hearing and reading a lot of interesting things. Have to do a better job here. Would invest more time on this section in the next report.

Thanks for your time! ⚔️ ⚔️ ⚔️

Until next time,