Greetings reader,

This was a week full of learnings (bad week). Here’s the summary

What went well?

  • The early twenties podcast – Episode 6 with Siddhant Bhardhwaj.
    • Gyani and I did some basic stuff to setup . (looks similar? :P )
    • We tried a new format with a more conversational feel and less structure. The recording was really fun, the podcast… (listen and let me know? details below)
    • We also experimented with a + mic setup + individual audio streams for each of the speaker. It gave me a lot of flexibility while editing but was also a big pain. (It took me 8 hours to edit this thing, was during the night, so partly because of reduced focus)
  • Not the best week for my workouts. Was out with friends and got in only 3 days of workout. I’m still counting this as something that went well (maybe because I just ran 9K and it’s the recency bias which is kicking in)

What didn’t go well?

  • Weekend: Poorly planned weekend in combination with a night long editing session made sure I couldn’t make good of my free time. Not sure if these are just excuses. Want to believe that thinking about these reasons would help me fix them in the future.
  • Work: Certainly not my best at work. Want to do more, feel like I’m getting stuck at small things. Perhaps I should formalize a work rating. Not sure how can I do that. Some sort of metric that defines my productivity and happiness with my work.
  • Meditation: No meditatoin sessions this week.
  • Waking up hours: I wake up with only enough time to ensure I’m not late for office. Hate it. Have to fix it.
    • On top of this, I don’t feel rested when I wake up after snoozing my alarm 5 times. I should either setup that alarm late, or just wake up in the first time.
  • Reading. This is the third week this thing has made up here. Even tho I’m putting it up here, I’ve started listening an audiobook. Not sure if that counts. Listening to the 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B Peterson.
  • No work on side projects / blog-post. To be fair, podcast is like a side project. Should change this to tech side projects maybe. This is a repeat from last week.

What do I look forward to?

  • 10K London Winter Run next Sunday (3rd Feb): Plan to run with a few friends (expected: 23K runners :D )
    • It’s really cold these days (with a “feels like” of -1 - 1 °C) but it’s forecasted to get a bit warmer by sunday!
  • Just signed up for a gyms so would start using some equipments.
    • I’ve recently been thinking about setting some monthly / weekly gym goals as well. With running it’s easy to quantify it as I can see metrics like speed / distance, but with gym, I’m not sure what would be good metrics / goals.
    • Maybe reps and weight. Would prefer better metrics tho. Have to think about this.
  • Work: In this and the coming weeks, I’ll probably have more work than usual and I’m excited about it. It seems interesting and challenging. Sorry, I’d probably never go into details. Would need stupid approvals. No thanks.

In general, I’m seeing quite some repeat entries in my “what didn’t go well” list in the last few weeks. I think there can be two reasons for that

  1. I’m not taking any actions on this weekly report. Well not enough.
  2. I’m not doing a good job at identifying what didn’t go well.
  3. Maybe I’m just aiming to do everything in a few weeks time. I feel that this is probably the main reason. I’m putting more things than I can. I’m happy having a long list of things that didn’t go well as long as I’m making progress on the things that did go well. Reminds me of the Les Brown quote: Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.

The summaries are getting longer and longer. Anyway…

Here’s the 6th episode of the podcast:

Things I came across in Podcasts/Audiobooks/Books/Websites/…

  • As mentioned previously, I’m listening to the book: 12 rules for life for Jordan Peterson. Too soon to comment anything.
  • I’m still a couple of hours away from completing the 5 hour podcast by Dan Carlin. The Battle of thermopylae is now over and Persia’s decline has started.
    • Dan talks about how a good metric to understand an empire’s wellbeing is whether or not the empire is making territorial expansion. If the empire is taking acquiring more territories each passing day then it’s prosperous, if it isn’t, then it’s declining. Dan explains how this has been empirically found true.
      • I couldn’t help but draw a comparison from this to our lives. If we aren’t moving into uncomfortable zones (acquiring territory) then we are prosperous, else we are on the decline.
      • Not sure about others, but I def think that I can relate to this.
    • Dan has been talking about the ‘Cyrus the Great’ and how Cyrus, his son (Cambyses) and Darius had this living-the-hard-life sort of approach. Where in they’d not recommend, just enjoying life with all that they could afford (as rulers of Persia).
      • Dan constrasts this to Xerxes (son of Darius and grandson of Cyrus) who is described as someone tumbling down the staircase wearing silk slippers. Sort of shows how Xerxes got soft with the kind of things he was enjoying in his life. When he became king, he didn’t have to spend time setting things up as Darius (his father) had been a great King and administrator and had expanded Persia’s territory to modern day Pakistan.
    • If none of this made sense or if you think I misinterpreted something or I’m just plain vanilla wrong. You’re probably right. But this is what I recollect from my interpretations. Feel free to comment :)
  • It’s a tool which you can use to edit your github static websites. This is something I’ve been using to write these posts. I find it incredibly helpful.

One final thing that I want to write about today is the following. A close friend told me today that I am never content. I’m struggling to identify if that’s the case. I have to spend some time thinking about this and understanding if this is the case. Would love if anyone of you has any suggestions in this regard.

Thanks for your time,

Until next time,