Starting to write this very late on a Monday night. Today I had planned to sleep by 11 pm and wake up tomorrow by 630-7. That clearly didn’t happen. Would try again tomorrow.

I just wasted some time trying to select a hostel for my Paris trip next week (more on that later), the fact that the wasted time must come out of my sleep makes me very sad. I think I’m in a very random rant mode right now, wishing to speak about the 10 things are making my life difficult but instead I am busy tilting my head 45 degrees upwards and yawning like a hippo. 👇

Me right now

Eeemiway, (anyway*), nobody cares about this BS (, work harder)

Let’s jump to the summary!

But first some meta things, I recently went through all weekly reports posted by Preet Singh Khalsa, a Pilani friend, I loved the simple tabular + color-coded representation of his progress on his goals. I think it sums things very nicely. Apart from that, I really liked reading his reports as well and recommend them. Fun and interesting guy :) I had wanted to copy his representation of his progress on his goals but would start it from the next report.

What went well?

  • Workouts
    • they went amazingly, I think. Got in around 23K in the week which included a 9K long run and the 10K on Sunday as part of the London Winter Run!
    • I clocked 66 minutes on the 10K with a 6:41 Pace. More on this later. (the MoreOnThis queue could overflow anytime)
    • The new gym is amazing. I did a strength workout on my legs after a long time. I enjoy these things so much (and I have enjoyed them for a long time now), I’m not sure why I leave them midway and miss out on the compounding effects. Back in Jan - May 2017, I had really started getting regular and starting enjoying my gym workouts but I just left things after that for no apparent reason.
  • Podcast: The Early twenties podcast is def one thing I look forward to doing each and every week.
    • Excited about this!
  • Weekend: I think I spent the weekend well. Did the Winter 10K, went for an ice skating session (It was amazing!), relaxed and tried to do some work. I’d probably want to get more work done on the weekends, that’ll ideally improve over time as I figure out what kind of weekends do I want!
  • I’ve started spending some time at work reading about the technologies that I’m working on at work. Currently going through Thinking in C++. I try to spend 30 minutes every day and find it very helpful in ensuring that I keep learning. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now.

What didn’t go well?

  • Work
    • Difficult to put this into words and this is probably more of a meta-point than a point, but I’m not sure if I’m satisfied with my performance at work or not. This is mainly because I don’t have a good mechanism in place today to measure that. There is a lot of recency bias into these weekly reports that I want to eliminate (Will talk about this later :P )
  • Meditation
    • It’s such a simple 10-minute thing. Procrastination didn’t do anyone good. I have to start getting to this. I simply don’t have an excuse. This week, we’ll make it happen! A hundred!
  • Reading books
    • No real progress on this front as well. I have started trying to spend some time on this while commuting to and from work but I guess I’m very comfortable with podcasts atm.
  • I don’t think I’m doing a good job with actively thinking about the things I’m doing. Be it the early twenties podcast or my workouts or the content that I consume, I’m not sure of what is the thing I want from it in the relatively long term (I mean even 6-12 months). Maybe the answer could be that I’m not sure and want to stick to the randomness, which sounds fair if I actually arrive at that conclusion. Have to take ownership of my life.

What do I look forward to?

  1. Running speed! After the 10K, I’ve realized that I can greatly improve my running speed. I haven’t really done a lot of speed work in the last couple of months and think that I could really get some quick wins in this area. I have crafted a 6-day workout routine and have already started work on it. I also plan to spend some time thinking about my diet, believe that can have a tremendous impact on my performance.
  2. Paris Trip!!: I head out to France this Thursday for a 3-day trip! I’ve been wanting to go out and I really look forward to this! I believe my hostel has a gym so ideally my training wouldn’t be affected by this trip!
  3. Meditation: I plan to do this immediately after waking up or at work. I’m sure I can substitute one of the breaks at work with a quick 10-minute meditation session. Apparently, there are quiet rooms at work where I can do this!
  4. Better journalling. I write my journal every day before I sleep. Having said that, I think it’s more of a to-do list than a journal. I want to have a better habit and structure around my journal. I will spend some time thinking about what I should document (and hence measure) about my days.

As always, here’s the 7th Episode of the Early Twenties Podcast

We talk a lot about Mental Strength. Do give it a listen and give us feedback, we are eager to improve the quality of the content that we produce.

I have a lot of things that I want to talk about / mention in this weekly report. Some Meta first: I’m not sure how many people read these reports and find anything helpful for their own lives. If you do find the “Podcasts/things I learn” section helpful, feel free to comment on how that could be made better. To be honest, I write that primarily for me with a hope that someone else might it helpful as well.

I think I’ve consumed a lot of diverse content this week!

  • The Joe Rogan podcast with Jack Dorsey (Founder of Twitter & Square): Amazing Amazing podcast. Never knew about how Twitter developed and transformed massively before it became what it is today. The hashtag was a thing Twitter users started using (without it actually being a thing) and then twitter developed around it to support hashtag searches, suggestions (and everything that it has today)
  • I heard a couple of podcasts on the The Indie Hackers Podcast
    • One was with the founders of Torch which is company that works to provide leadership coaching driven by data.
    • I heard another podcast by the Joel Hooks (the founder of He has a slow by steady approach towards his company now that it has grown quite a lot (A bit similar to Basecamp in that regard). It provides a different perspective and is in general very inspiring towards doing something on your own.
  • Finally completed the 3 part podcast on the King of Kings by Dan Carlin and have now started the 6-hour podcast on modern-day warfare and what could happen if we can’t handle our own weaponry called The Destroyer of Worlds (But 6 hourss… I know)
  • Also heard a couple of Tim Ferriss podcasts
    • One with Ken Block: Interesting and inspiring to hear about someone who started competing professionally in a sport at the age of 37.
    • Another one with Peter Mallouk, who is the President at a very large wealth management company. He mentioned quite a few things about getting perspective when we are stuck in this race for earning the most money that we can. Found that to be really insightful and something that I don’t think about enough. The talk reminded me of, Life is short and unpredictable, eat the dessert first :)

This is what happens when you don’t spend too much time on the HardCore history podcasts. You’re able to free up space for multiple other podcasts. I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard more podcasts this week, but can’t really recollect.

There are a few meta things that I wanted to mention as well. I want to list the things that I’m struggling-with / wondering-about at the moment.

  1. Struggling with measuring things. How to quantify things like my happiness currently or my performance at work.
    • Maybe someone at work gives me feedback and that’s something that can be done for work. But Happiness?
    • I’m not really tracking how do I feel every morning or during the day. This leads to a lot of recency bias in life. For example, I was feeling really powerful when I returned from the gym today, had I written this report them, it would have turned out at least a bit different.
  2. How does one know if they are too harsh on themselves? Two people have told me in the last week that I’m going too harsh on myself. I know for a fact that I’m more brutal (with myself and others) than most people around me, but how much is too much?
    • Tim Ferriss used to talk about being very harsh with himself when he was younger and how he learned to deal with his mind/thoughts/body. Not trying to compare me with anyone here, but need to think about this.
  3. Probably a more solvable problem this one. How do I easily record my workouts in a way that it is easy to embed on this website and is easy to record while I’m actually doing the workout? Runs are easy to measure with Nike running club or something, what I’m more concerned about are say the strength workouts or the yoga workouts. I might want to record sets/reps/ weights used and feeling after the workout. I’m currently using vanilla Evernote for this, but don’t know if that’s the best way.

This weekly report took a long time to write. I actually wanted to write more. I read “Writing is thinking” a few weeks back (I think I even mentioned it on one of the reports) and I can really relate to it!

To be honest, I didn’t really want to write this report when I started writing, partially because it’ll eat through my sleep but very similar to all of my runs, I’m glad that I did!

Go get some! :D


Oh and here’s my London Winter 10K medal photo!!


P.S.: If someone reads this post and finds awful grammar plus stupid mistakes everywhere, pardon me. I’m sleepy :)