Yo Yo Yo

Another week, another report! Love consistency, love systems!

Annnyyyway, Summmaaryy!

What went well?

  • Meditation: Got in 4 sessions this week. Some 15 minute sessions even.
    • Have slowly started liking this. I really am able to allow myself to breathe normally and concentrate on those motions. In the past, I’ve always found that by concentrating on my breadth, it felt forced to me.
  • The Early Twenties Podcast: We recorded a couple of episodes this weekend. Experimented with a 30 minute podcast idea this week.
    • I regularly receive messages from people about the podcast and that they like it and also get valuable feedback that I try to incorporate. Having said that, I am not able to understand it’s growth, our listeners don’t seem to increase by a great amount and in fact have been pretty low for a couple of episodes.
    • Having said that, I think I should probably focus on the content, getting interesting bits that might be valuable to me and others and then worry more about marketing/promoting and various things to get it to the right audience.
  • Yoga: One great thing this week was that I added Yoga to my workout schedule. This is mainly to increase my body’s flexibility and hence range of motion which will help me increasing my speed during races!
    • On a similar note, I’ve also started stretching whenever I can (typically at work) again to increase the mobility of my hip flexors.

What didn’t go well?

  • Workouts: I got in 3 workouts this entire week.
    • I believe this was primarily because I got sick on Wednesday. Sore throat :(
    • Being sick is a waste of time and I should be more careful with what I eat.
    • I guess sometimes you can’t avoid it. All in all, results matter. The workouts didn’t happen. They’ll happen next week.
  • Health
    • Well, coughing while podcasting isn’t fun :(
    • Enough crying…

What do I look forward to?

  • Workouts
    • In the past 2 weeks, I’ve started with this 6 day workout schedule. I didn’t complete the schedule in any of the weeks because of my Paris trip or my sickness. I intend to complete it this week!
  • Work
    • I finally joined the 5 week training at Bloomberg.
    • It supposed to get us upto speed on Bloomberg internal tech and make connections in that process!
    • Excited mostly about the connections bit tbh, meeting new people is fun
  • The Early Twenties Podcast
    • We released one episode on Sunday (the usual schedule) and will be uploading another episode sometime this week.
    • This is a somewhat new thing we are trying this time (two 30 minute episodes in a week)!!
  • Meditation: Have to increase this
  • Journal and life documentation: Working on creating a more defined process on how I document my feeling at the end of the day. Coincidentally, was listening to Jim collins and he is speaking about the very same ideas! Extensive review in next week’s report because I’ve just started!
  • 10 Rules of Life by Jordan Peterson: Really started enjoying this after the first 30 minutes or so. Roughly 3 hours in now, 12 more to go!

One thing that I’m really on the alert for is messing up my workout schedule. I think in the last 4-6 weeks, I’ve got in a pretty good running and workout routine. Stuff like this sickness and being 4-5 days on the sides has in the past lead to loosing on all that routine and then having to start over again. I’m absolutely not going to let something like that happen! NOT AGAIN!

Anyway, you should checkout the latest podcast at https://earlytwenties.co/2019-02-17-episode-9/ You should find a link there to listen to it on your favorite podcast application!

This week was very low on podcasts. I spent most of my time listening to the 10 rules of life audiobook by Jordan B Peterson. I shall put up a book review for that soon’ish. I tried a new series called “The Intersection”. The podcast I listened to was about the Dinosaurs murder history and what’s the current progress on determining how exactly did it happen. It touched upon a more meta topic of how science progresses and was decently interesting.

On a lighter note, I did watch Gully Boy this week and I absolutely loved it! I think I’ll go watch it again in the coming week! Maybe I’m overthinking but I can watch Gully boy when I’m sick but can’t get to my workouts :( Well, they are differently taxing tasks.

I’ve written a considerably shorter report this time. This is not on purpose, well atleast not conciously. Maybe it’s because I don’t think a lot happened this last week. I just want to make sure I’m not letting my mind fool into something like this I should meditate.

Have a great week ahead! Go Kill’em!


P.S. Random notes that I was jotting down during the week. Ignore! :)

Workout planning

* Monday: Long run previous week: 12Km
  * Long run done
  * Left knee feeling weird after the run. Already feel better 30 minutes post the workout
* Tuesday: Bicep + Back
	* Done
    * Did well I think 
* Wednesday: Speed work! + abs
	* Sick :( | being sick is a waste of time. Have to be more careful with my food and stop wasting valuable time in life.  
* Thursday: Leg day
* Friday: Recovery Run: 4-5K
* Saturday: Rest Day: Yoga!
* Sunday: Long! **14Km**

Thinking about making a journal
Think about podcast!
Think about routines!
* Routines to handle personal learning towards my skill 
* Routines to handle my mind and body