Another week! Another report

Before we start, if you didn’t notice we have almost completed 2 months in this year now. I think its a lovely time to think about my yearly goals. See what’s going on, what have I been ignoring, do I want to/need-to add something new and basically re-evaluate the list and my actions to reflect the list :)

Let’s do this!


What went well?

  • Workouts! Workouts! and Workouts!
    • After the sick previous week, I was afraid of losing out on my schedule and am happy I came thru!
    • got in 5 out of the 6 workouts that I had planned. Had to let go the speed workout :(
    • With the 2 runs, got in 22Km in the week (15 + 7) * the long run was amazing! Did it in Hyde park on a bright sunny afternoon on Saturday (had actually planned for 14K but 15K is what happened :) )
    • Apart from that, got in a Leg day, a spinning workout and a chest + shoulder +tricep day * Instead of increasing the number of runs in my workouts (from 3), I’ll probably add this spinning routine each week to work on some of my leg muscles without any impact!
  • Work: Bloomberg’s Training program finally started for me * While Most of my learning in the past few months has been while on the job so it’s a bit different to actually sit down and learn some things ground up. I think I’m enjoying some parts of it. Tbh, I know a few topics already but am able to learn things at a conceptual level, learning some basics which i never understood really and finally will learn some Bloomberg specific internal tech.
    • Apart from the tech learnings, I’m able to meet a lot of people in the training which is great fun! :)
  • Schedule: Due to the training classes, I’ve had to wake up earlier and reach office earlier. This is a step forward towards my early morning schedule goal which I’ll probably pickup on after my “2019 goals review” later this week.
  • Active thinking: I had planned to take some time out and think about the various things that I”m trying my hands on. I’ve only started, but I spent sometime thinking about the Early Twenties Podcast. Next up on the list are my yearly goals, my journal’ing process and my initiatives at work
    • I def have made progress on this front but also have been procrastinating a lot. Should fix that!
  • Audiobook: Can’t Hurt Me
    • The last week I’ve spent a ton of time listening to David Goggin’s Audiobook (+podcast): Can’t hurt me (I’ll add more about the things I’ve heard and enjoyed below and also in a more comprehensive review blog)
    • Regular readers might notice that I’ve stopped listening to Jordan Peterson’s book: 12 rules of life, partly because I kept zoning out of that book. I decided to move to Goggins knowing that I’ve found his stories interesting and engaging and plan to go back to Peterson post this
  • Meditation:
    • Did 4-5 sessions I think (not sure how many)
    • I almost always do meditation before sleeping but maybe I should also do some other types of sessions. These sessions help me relax, no doubt but I also want to explore other areas of mindfulness.

That seems like a week with a lot of good things!

What didn’t go well?

  • Journal’ing
    • The week started well with me tring to document a day-rating, details on how the day had been and what had I learnt.
    • But in the later part of the week, I didn’t get to this (sometimes due to parties or simply me returning late from work or workouts)
    • Excuses, yeah, I know!
  • Post office work: I think I’ve got into a rhythm when it comes to my workouts. I can come back from work and without much problems can get to my run/gym. Having said that once I return from these, fixup my dinner, I often lose time browsing social media aimlessly, looking at metrics (from this weksite or the podcast) and not being super productive.
    • Now, I’m not saying that I don’t want to relax, but I feel there’s more relaxation right now than I need.

Can’t really think of more stuff right now. I think a few items in the ‘what went good’ list are also my areas for improvement.

What am I looking forward to?

  • Workouts!!
    • After the 15K on Saturday and an overall successful week for workouts, I’m absolutely thrilled to think about the coming week.
    • I want to do a HM soon, but still am not sure as to which one should I participate in
  • Work
    • The training and the meeting-new-people is def interesting
    • Another big opportunity that I feel is the time to dive into a new skill (for example: a programming language) that will help me at work and will develop me as a programmer.
  • I’m contemplating to buy a bike for my work commute. If I decide, I’d like to act soon and get one asap! which can be exciting!
    • when I say bike, I mean like a cycle.
    • that reminds me of my Royal Enfield Thunderbird. I miss her :(

Hmm, with that out of the way, I’d love to jump to what I learnt, what I’ve been thinking about, what I want to think about

  • The Tim feriss podcast with Jim Collins: On a recent Joe rogan podcast with Sam Hariss, Sam remarked that Tim has created a brand for himself, which clearly states that I will find the best people/practices/tools in the world and I’ll get them for you, I think it’s super true and find myself thinking the same after listening to this podcast.
    • Absolutely loved it!
    • Jim Collins talks about his “not-normal” habits in life: 1. He records the number of creative hours (as an author, thinker…) he puts in
      1. He documents his days in details (rates them from -2 to 2) with a description and analyzes this data once we has had the data for the last year or so
  • Apart from this 1 podcast, most of my time was spent listening to the Audiobook (+podcast) by David Goggins and Adam Skolnick about Goggins’ journey through the various things he has achieved in his life. They talk about things ranging from:
    1. David completing his SEALs: BUD/S training while straping duck tape to this legs and ankles to help him to run while he has multiple stress fractures in his shin and ankles
    2. Deciding to run the San Diego 100 miler race 3 days before the race and completing it with no training.
    3. Around 5 more hours that I’m yet to hear

    The most important things that I’ve found interesting and heard recently enough to remember are:

    1. Motivation is crap * He talks about how motivation is crap and that we must learn how to define the purpose and answer the basic questions like ‘why am I doing this’
      • On most tough workouts/days: I often ask myself, ‘why are you doing this’, if I have an answer ready in my brain, it’ll help me shut down that inner conversation that is asking me to quit and take the path of least resistance. Very important, Very relatable
    2. Cookie Jar * David talks about listing down your accomplishments and feeding on them in times of trouble. When you’re in self-doubt and want to quit. He emphasizes that we must also understand and remind ourself of the nature of the difficulties we faced while tackling and moving through that particular problem.
    3. 40% rule
      • At any point, if you’re mind is begging you to quit and if it thinks that you’ve done all that you could, you’ve probably only gotten to 40% of your actual reserve. That’s the rule! * Goggins realizes this while he’s running the Las Vegan Marathon in Boston Qualifying timing (that’s a big deal), a week after running a 100 miler race at San Diego with absolutely no training.
      • Added this here, because it rings with me. It makes me feel that I’m taking it too easy. There’s way more that I can tackle, there’s way more that I can achieve. Not only physically but also in my career, in my relationships. That’s the great thing about mindset development, it transcends
      • I’ve thinking about this only in the last 2 hours or so and am now thinking of doing a HM in 10 days. I’ve no idea if I’ll do that or not, or even if it’s a good idea.
    4. You don’t rise up to the level of your expectations, you fall down to the level of your training * Nothing magical is going to happen on a race day. This was a lovely reminder for that!

    There are a few other items that I’d like to talk about esp like the concept of taking souls, Accountability mirror and others. I’d write a comprehensive review for this book, after I re-hear the entire thing once again.

Is it ironic that I’m getting so motivated by Goggins as he talks about how Motivation is crap? I think I had a few other things that I wanted to talk about but have no clue what they were now :( so I’ll end this here.

Oh! before I finish, episode for the week:

Thanks for your time and thanks for reading! Have an amazing week ahead! :D