Yo Yo Yo!

Another week!…

Uhh, its 1245 and I’m starting to write this now :( Well, Summary!

What went well?

  • The Early Twenties Podcast:
    • I personally loved recording the most recent episode. It was with Ramsri Goutham and we spoke about his journey from a cushy silicon valley job to moving to India to open his own company. I think I learnt a few things from him and his story.
    • Apart from the latest episode, I’m really excited about our guests for the next few podcasts!
  • Workouts!
    • This was a great week for my workouts. I did 29.68K this week with a crazy 17K long run!
    • I did miss a yoga workout on Sunday but it was the only missed workout and all in all I think I did great!
    • Plan to use this momentum going for the coming week!
  • Meditation:
    • I’ve spending the last 10 minutes of my day meditating each day. I think I did those on most days. On a lot of days, I actually fall asleep before the session ends which is good I think, but I also want to supplement this with some more active meditation maybe at the start of my day.

What didn’t go well?

  • Work
    • I’m learning a few things, I’m making new friends … All that is great but I’m not happy with the results that I’m producing
    • Being in training, I don’t get to work on anything of value, which is okay if I can make the most of this time and upskill myself.
    • I think I’m only sort-of doing this and hence this is here. Have to work on this!
  • Weekly reports
    • I had planned to document my days on a daily basis as well (with improved journalling), that never happened really.
    • For this particular report, I’m writing this on Tuesday :(. This was due to bad prioritization of tasks at my hand. I did things that i felt like doing and was avoiding the report to a point where I had to postpone it to the next day in order to get some sleep.
    • Some people say it’s okay and that sometimes this happens. Maybe for them it’s okay, but it’s not okay for me and I dont want it to be okay for me. Can’t let go of my discipline, the little that I have.
  • Morning schedule
    • Each morning I just wake up and rush to work, often getting a few minutes late.
    • I hate it.
    • I’ll fix it!
    • Need some more time for myself in the morning
    • I wake up at 7-730 today, should slowly move that to 630
  • Goal review
    • Had thought of doing a 2 month checkin my yearly goals. Haven’t done that yet

What am I excited about?

  • Bike/Cycle
    • I miss my Royal Enfield Thunderbird dearly
    • But…I’m excited to get a road bike which will double as my commute bike initially
    • In all probability I’m going to get the laterite 3, ideally by this coming weekend.
    • The bike research is what kept me off writing this report on Monday (excuses :P )
    • Also, I hope this happens: https://londonduathlon.com Looks amazaaazing!!
  • Workouts
    • Planning to up my mileage to 32 Kms this week
    • A dear friend is going to visit me soon. Depending on that visit, I’ll book my HM, It should be in the coming 50 days or so. Will try to get faster in that time period. Given that I did a 17K last week, I should be able to do a HM anytime. Just have to keep up the mileage and push for speed!
    • I might also have to decrease my mileage from next week if I start cycling everyday to work (5 miles one way)
  • The Early Twenties Podcast
    • The latest episode has shown some tremendous response and I’m looking forward to the coming week and the coming episode!

Still listening to Goggin’s audiobook (the second time), so don’t really have any details on the content I consumed but should have a blog post about it soon!

Thanks for spending your time reading this! Have a killer week ahead! Sodhi ⚔️⚔️⚔️