Yo Yo Yo!

Another week is up I’m finding it difficult to get time to write this. I’m probably not prioritizing things the right way. I know this act of writing this report is important for me. Anyway! This will be a short and quick one mostly. Let’s see!

Before I start with the usual, I’ve thinking about a few things lately

  1. TIL (and probably more than learning, I realized, again) that Humans have been around for a quite a few years. Well, yeah, it’s not a lot compared to the Big Bang, but it’s way more than our life spans which means that many generations have gone by. As I recollect from some reading of the Sapiens, the humans 10K years back were pretty similar (genetically) to us today.
    • What this translates to is that they probably faced similar challenges that we do in our lives today, atleast some of them.
    • During my leg day today, I was listening to the Naval Ravikant’s (CEO of AngelList) podcast with Tim Feriss and he said a few things that got my attention. One of them being the fact that for old problems, look for old solutions. Fundamental problems like doubt, regret, jealousy, anger, frustration, dissatisfaction, mediocrisy, fear, laziness, lack of self-discipline and others have existed for a loooong time! These are not the same as maybe attention problems today, induced my obsessive use of email/facebook/instagram, thought I can imagine these might tie back to some other fundamental problem (like procrastination).
    • anyway, what’s the point?
    • the point is to make sure that I’m learning through the experiences of the many souls (which were super genetically similar to me). I must learn about what they felt, how they dealt with thing and how that went for them. For some people this might be super obvious, tbh, I think its pretty obvious for me as well, I’ve been doing a lot of things in various forms, consuming content from people, learning about their lives but I really needed this reminder and I write this right now as I might want to refer it in the future.
    • Finally, I also think, that realizing this and keeping this in my head makes me a little bit humble (and given me, I’d take humble any day!)
    • I read a post about productivity tips from 2007 on HN today and I was amazed to realize that when I was in class 7 at school, had just moved to Mumbai and was shy to even to people, someone out there was writing a blog post about productivity tips, the same thing that I’d start wondering about on atleast a weekly basis in only a few years time. We are all so different but we are all so similar, it’s insane. (it might also be just me, if you’re reading this and wondering what has gotten into me)
    • if you’re wondering what the productivity tips page was: https://pmarchive.com/guide_to_personal_productivity.html

    • this post refers to http://www.structuredprocrastination.com/ which is even crazier because that website quotes someone thinking about this in 1949. Even philosophers (Aristotle and the likes) have been thinking about these topics since millenia.
  2. Okay, that was long, I thought the post would be a shorter one. Want to sleep :( (it’s 23:32 as of now) So, I’ve been thinking that there’s a lot of distraction in my life. A tendency to check my phone every few minutes. I’ve realized that I’m slow in life. A friend jokes that whatever they say, I first disagree and then agree to after sometime. (It’s only a joke and that friend is stupid :P ) But I’ve really realized it to be true with my parents. like a lot of things they say and I ignore and then I realize after years :( I guess that’s what you call, getting more mature and gaining experience in life. Meta Meta!

The point is that there’ s lot of distraction, there’s internet, there’s the mobile, there’s all the social medias, there’s strava, there’s Nike run club, there’s tomtom sports applications, Hackernews, anchor and when there’s none of this, I could be engaged in conversation with people, which is great, but where’s the “me” time? Where’s the time for deep thought and growth? Is that time required? There’s a bit of me time while running/riding/cooking (like when doing these activities alone) but even there I’ve made it a habit to listen to songs/podcasts/coach benett, is that good?


So… Summary?

What went well?

  • I GOT A CYCLE: I got the Pinnacle Laterite 3 which is Shimano 105, 11 speed cycle.
    • I learnt these terms only in the last week
    • Went for a 38Km ride and loved it
    • I also started cycling to work which is great. I should have gotten the cycle earlier, but hey, I got it now!
  • The Early Twenties Podcast: With the push on guests episodes, our listener count has jumped to around 400-500 per episode now. The latest one that we released has received close to 500 listens within 48 hours of launching.
    • With the few guests that we folk have in mind, things look good. Recording these is so much fun and seeing some response is even crazier.
    • Having said that, I do realize that having these podcasts with guests means that we have this temporary audience that’s there for that 1 particular episode and might not stick but we are exposing the podcast to a multitude of people and are digging into their network as well and hope to find some people that enjoy the content so much that they decide to stick/subscribe and listen to other episodes as well!
    • Let’s see!

What didn’t go well?

  • Workouts :((( I basically did like 3 workouts in the week, which doesn’t sound so bad to me now, but I felt terrible on Sunday
    • I did do a long run of like 11K at a super slow pace
    • This was mainly due to fact that I was coming late from work since I was spending time looking for a cycle
    • Anyway, new week, back to workouts!
  • Weekend schedule: I edited the entire saturday night. Why Why Why?
    • I was creatively discharged (probably didn’t get my best out there) and sounded terrible (is what Vijaykumar feels)
    • On top of that, I wasn’t able to sleep for long and ended up sleeping 3-4 hours only, this meant that I was running 90 minutes on very less sleep (which meant I was slower than ever) plus my mood was shit on Sunday, I didn’t even post on Instagram, I didn’t feel like doing anything so I did nothing.
    • In all fairness tho, I did do that long run and then cook dinner but I didn’t feel great doing these activities and in life I want to feel great!
  • Goal relook, Reading, Waking up earlier, No blog posts
    • No update on these
    • Just haven’t done them, don’t even have a plan in place to do these.
    • If I fail to plan, I plan to fail :( and I don’t want to fail

What I look forward to doing?

  • Workouts
    • Have planned to do a Half marathon on the 30th of March. So that’s 20 days from now
    • I know that I can complete it but want to work on my speed
    • Have increased that streching that I do with my workouts, Have to increase my flexibility and mobility!
  • Commute cycling
    • No more tube now, I’ll be cycling to and fro work. Which is great!
    • Have to ensure that I don’t overtrain my body, since 15K cycling each day on top of my workouts might not be super easy on a few days! But it’s exciting.
  • plan for the rest of the items on my yearly goal list
  • The Early Twenties Podcast
    • Really exciting stuff in coming very soon to the podcasting platform near you! Watch out!

Just realized that my weekly reports might come off as just raw shouting on myself and may even seem that I’m projecting myself like, I don’t know, an alpha male probably, shouting unnecessary If you are still reading, would love to know if you think so because I don’t think that’s what I want I want to get more done and do things that make me happy and make a difference in someone’s life, bring value perhaps.

I also started working on this Alexa skill, Not much progress to talk about now, would have a longer update next week.

Let me know,

I shortened the summary sections a bit. Is that a good thing?

I’ve no clue

Must sleep tho (23:56 now)

Have one last thing to do before I sleep and then


Naval Ravikant, the angellist guy also said another thing: Happiness is when you’re living in the present like when you’re meditating, when you’re being in the present and spending time with your family/loved ones, when you’re running! I guess that podcast invoked a lot of thoughts in me.

Yeah so, zzzzzzz


Keep hammering Macha! (or not, whatever floats your boat!)