Yo Yo Yo!

Hope y’all are doing fantastic!

Slacker week… I think… I can never be sure tho

Let’s get into it!


What went well?

  • The Early Twenties Podcast
    • Recorded a couple of episodes with two really inspiring and amazing women! The second recording happened at 5 am my time. Fun times!
    • Got the second episode featuring Siddharth Seth out. The two part strategy didn’t really work I think. we had very few listens on the second part. like very very few. Well now we know how many people actually listen to our episodes completely.
  • I started a bit of reading, just before going off to sleep, like 15 ish minutes. Reading “Surely you must be joking Mr Feynman” right now.

What didn’t go well?

  • Workouts
    • Well, I did get in 4 workouts which is not ideal but not super bad. What was bad tho, was that I didn’t get enough distance this week. I think I did like 10K in all, during the entire week.
    • I think some of it has to do with the fact that I’m cycling >15K Monday-Friday which is taking a toll on my legs, it’s not the easiest thing def
    • I do not want an injury, like I simply can’t afford it. It’s too costly in terms of time and mental state. I need these workouts to survive and be somewhat sane. I might seem fake, but trust me a day without a workout vs a day with a workout is like lightyears apart.
  • Planning
    • Unplanned weekdays, unplanned weekends
    • I always think that I’ll think about the plan for the day in the moning and in the end that never happens which is bad because I end up picking up something that I see (read: get distracted by) and work on that. That coupled with the fact that I take a lifetime to edit podcasts, I simply don’t make a decent use of my time :(

What do I look forward to?

  • Job Fair at work
    • I’m towards the end of my training and get to shadow a few team and give a preference on which team I might want to join.
    • It’s fun, understanding what different teams work on, getting to know different people.
    • The part where I make a preference list is going to be difficult tho. Let’s see!
  • Workouts
    • Always excited about my workouts
  • A friend is visiting London this Saturday for a couple of weeks which is great! Finally meeting after a long long time!
  • Alexa skill: I’ve made no progress on the alexa skill. Like created a new skill on their dashboard but I don’t count that.
  • Got another basic python script idea while editing the podcast, sounds like a pretty basic thing, but don’t know any way to do it.
    • I basically want to amplify each X millisecond piece of audio to a particular amplitude instead of amplify the entire track by a certain factor
  • Early Twenties Podcast
    • Super excited about this.
    • Want to put in more efforts here. Excitement didn’t get anyone anywhere.

This has been a particularly short weekly report but I don’t think I have particularly anything to bring up and think about and also, I’m trying to rush to the rest of my TODO list for the day. I came late from work :( I mess my priorities badly sometimes.

Nevermind! I had fun which is required!


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