Hello friends, enemies and myself!

I don’t want to write this but I can’t procrastiante no more :(

Where have I been <?> (markdownlinter wouldn’t allow trailing punctuations)

  • Umm, following a couple of busy weeks (last week of March), I basically lost momentum, be it for the weekly reports or my routine in general. Worked hard in the following couple of weeks to get things back in order. Realized the importance of momentum and how it can go work for you and def, how it can destroy whatever you’ve built. And finally, I’ve been procrastinating since 10 days now to write this!
  • Having said that, the past weeks, esp the last two weeks have been a lot of fun! I’m currently in my best physical shape and my training for my half marathon on the 19th of May. I’ve made a teeny bit of progress on my personal projects but have started this new thing to solve the cryptopals challenges in golang, which is fun! In this period, I also heard sapiens and loved it. I’m currently hearing Principles by Ray Dalio!
  • On my work front, I joined my team for 3 weeks and I’m back in training now until the end of next week. Looking forward to joining my team back. Training is … let’s just call it, less fun.

Quick side note: I realised how this weekly report journalling thingy is changing my life!

  • In the last month, in the times I’ve not been writing these weekly reports, I also started taking lite on my night time journalling/planning-the-next-day sessions. I felt that this greatly impacted my apparent productivity. I felt that it went down by a big margin.
  • I say, apparent, because it’s difficult to measure my actual productivity (maybe I should add some instrumentation in life to better do this)
  • I have no idea if it is due the fact that I have a low cache memory and a high degree of recency bias. I say that because these factors might mean that I’m simply more satisfied with my efforts because I make a concious and deliberate effort of listing them down
  • Either way, I want to continue doing this as it’s working amazingly well for me!

Awesome! I’ll now move to my quarterly report. The title says: Quadrimestris, which apparently means 4 month period in contrast to a quarter (3 month period). Anyway, better late then never i guess.

Here are my goals for the year Let’s take them apart!

  • Personal
    • Document my life more
      • IG, sodhi.xyz, journals I think this is going well, I’m documenting things. Missed 1 weekly report in March, but did well I think! text
    • get your blog running
      • Plan to put out regular weekly updates and atleast 1 relevant post a month I’m 3 posts behind on this :( Have to start work on this! text
    • Have 4 30 mornings I wake up at 730 these days. Have to start working on this. On a related note, I’ve reduced my workday sleeping hours to 7 instead of 8 in the last 2ish weeks, it’s working well for me! text
    • Read atleast 12 books this year I’m currently reading 1 book and listening to my 3rd book text
      • This includes summarizing and documents my opinions/learnings on the blog This is the part I’ve made no progress. I have to figure out a way to note things while listening to books, I saw some feature on audible that makes this easy, have to explore! text
  • Run a marathon This happening by the end of the next quarter! I’m so looking forward to this. Running a half on 19th May, Running another 10K race on 27th May! text
    • Run a triathlon I’ve picked up cycling. My longest every ride up until this point has been 67K. I’m def ready for a small duathlon (running + cycling). Would probabl pickup swimming next quarter to do a trithlon in the next quarter or so! This would be after my marathon!
  • Career
    • Learn new tech
      • I haven’t figured out a way to make this measurable yet. I’ve made some progress but def have a long way to go. As I settle into my new team, I’ve to work on schedule which allows learning at work as well as outside work. I recently started documenting what I learn during work to ensure that I’m learning passively as well on most days. The cryptopals challenge is something I’m doing with a hope to learn go and some crypto! text
    • Create a side income source however small In the last few weeks I vanished, I got really interested in this. I’ve been selling some things off ebay and have got some profit from it, but that’s not what I meant when I wrote this goal down. I want to create a passive source of income. I’m happy with a pound a month as long as I get it consistently. Side-note: I recently spoke to some digital nomads as part of an Early Twenties Podcast episode. It’ll release this weekend!, and that’s what got me excited again about passive incomes text

Everytime I write my goals, I get super excited!

Some content I can think of from the top of my head, that I consumed and liked!

  • Reply All Podcast This is a podcast about tech investigation into little known and interesting issues that people are facing
  • Sapiens: You probably know about it, I heard it and I loved it!
  • The Early Twenties Podcast: umm… this sounds familiar! :P. Well, Listen to it, a lot of amazing episodes have been published!

I have a lot of things to say, I’ll save them for later! Sodhi

Expect the weekly reports to come out every sunday now. I think sunday’s are better! Thanks for bearing with me!