Yo Yo Yo!

Writing this report after a long long time! I miss these reports and documents and would much rather have these in my life.

I sometimes think that I learn about productivity tools and forget them and toggle b/w these two states so many times in life!

Anyway, here’s pushing for more consistency!

In the last six months, a lot has changed.

  1. We’ve more or less, stopped putting out earlytwenties podcast episodes. Hopefully this will be back soon!
  2. I completed my first 100 miler cycling event (August 3rd) and a 54 mile cycling event before that (June 16)
  3. Also did my first full marathon on the 29th of September in Berlin!
  4. did 3 half marathons, 19th May (hackey half), 25th August (Hyderabad half marathon) and Royal parks HM (14th October)!
  5. I completed a year at Bloomberg in October!
  6. heard a few more books on audible, heard a lott of new podcasts.
  7. My mum and sister visited the UK in July. I went back home for a few weeks in August

Having said that, my focus these days is probably, more or less, the same!

  • Working out (mainly running)
  • Work
  • personal growth

I’m going to jump back to some specific goals for this coming week!

  • Increase my running mileage again (I’m looking at 55-60 kms)
  • Get back to my 2 swimming sessions a week schedule
  • Less tube, more cycle/run to work
  • List homemade jewelry on ebay – I got this from India in August and am excited to see how this goes!
  • make some progress on tech skill development
  • I’m part of a machine learning project based course and have to spend quite some time there as I missed a couple of weeks of the course.
  • More “work” work that I’m excited about!

I plan to be more consistent in the coming weeks with this report, now that I’ve seen, for months how not writing this is slowing my progress :)

See ya next week! Sodhi

Stay hard!