Welcome to week 43 of 2019!

I’m def getting the Monday blues today. But can’t start my week at a low. I’ve promised to myself to stay consistent with the reports and that’s what I’m going to do! After all, momentum is a huge thing. I’ve had a rather unproductive weekend and my brain wants to continue in that inertia. No can’t do


What went well?

  • Got mostly back to my training schedule. Got around 58 Kms of run mileage, 2 days of cycling commute and 1 swim session
  • Did a 3 hour long run at MAF heart rate (157 for me), had decent pace. have to build up that mileage and be consistent with this!
  • Gotta work on getting my swim sessions up to 2 and adding some strength/yoga sessions throughout the week.
  • Fairly productive weekend as far as running is concerned. Got in 50+kms on Friday-Sunday (which I basically had to do given the slack the rest of the week)
  • not necessarily this week, but I’ve realized recently that my typing speed has gone up, which is a welcome change. not sure why is that happening that it’s def there :D
  • Had a houseparty I went to. It’s not really special per say, but I don’t really do such things, so was fun for me! Thanks Sukriti for inviting me :D

What didn’t go well? (why do I have so many points on this section always :( )

  • Just 1 swim session, not much stretching / strength work. My hip flexors really feel it after my 3 hour long run on sunday
  • This last week I haven’t been super disciplined in general and not super happy with that
  • I have more, but I don’t want to cry so much (not sure if that’s a good thing to do or not)

In other news, I’m contemplating if i could/should do a 50Km event in mid-november, sounds exciting but don’t want to beat up legs too bad. Let’s see

Goals for my coming week

  • Weekly running mileage: 65Kms
  • Workout plan:
    • Monday: Rest day
    • Tuesday: cycle commute + Lunch run (1 hour: 8.5Kms) + evening swim session
    • Wednesday: cycle commute + ChasingLightsCollective SnC + 10K run to chasing lights and back
    • Thursday: cycle commute + lunch run (45 minutes easy 6.5K) + badminton
    • Friday: cycle commute + swim session
    • Saturday: Stretching + mobility + strength + core + 10K parkrun +
    • Sunday: Long Run: 28 Kms

phew, that took quite some time to figure out

  • I haven’t listed things out on ebay yet.
  • Also have to work on the machine learning course at work, haven’t caught upto that yet

Seems like it’ll be a busy week ahead! Looking forward to it! ⚡⚡⚡

Later folks! Sodhi

#stayHard #whosgonnacarrytheboats