Yo Yo Yo!

Missed writing this report on the Monday, so writing it today!

Gotta stick to it!

Jumping straight to it!

What went well!?

  • Spent a lot of time on rest and recovery this week. ZERO running, some cycling and swimming with some stretching and strength training.
  • Because of the rest and strengthening work, i think my hamstring feels much better
  • I think I’ve been missing this strength work even tho everyone just can’t stop talking about it’s importance on my instagram
  • Diwali party was fun too! Sukriti (Badi sukriti) had organized it and she made a rangoli using namak, haldi and parsley, which I think is really cool
  • I did my longest ever swim session: 2K in the water. Took a quite some time but I’m super glad to get it over with!
  • Super busy these days, with work, the machine learning project, some working out and a rather active social life (atleast on my scale)
  • I’ve been listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s book: Outliers and I absolutely love it

What hasn’t gone well?

  • I haven’t been completing my weekly goals
  • I haven’t been reviewing my yearly goals these days and if I don’t see them atleast once everyday, it’d be pretty hard to actually achieve them :(
  • have been doing a lot of tube commute. I don’t like tubes :(

What am I looking forward to?

  • This week I’ve already started sleeping for 7 hours a night and focusing on eating well which allows me to work well with that sleep. My aim is to make myself really tired and sleepy when it’s time to go to bed. If I’m not tired when it’s bedtime, I’m probably not working hard enough.
  • Looking forward to finishing Outliers this week!
  • Really looking forward to getting back on my runs! I did a short 4 Km run on Monday and that felt quite good, even tho I went super slow. The hamstring didn’t pain too much and that’s what I’m looking for at this stage! November is almost here and that would mean that I’d have close to 12-13 weeks to train for Mumbai marathon!
  • Work, really looking forward to work
  • Ebay sales: Gotta list the items that i have, I’ve been postponing this since a long time and that is super important now!
  • I plan on going for a ice skating session with some folks and after my only experience ice skating once last winter, I’m really really looking forward to this!

Workout Plan

  • Monday: 4 Km run + 30 minute strength session (leg)
  • Tuesday: work commute cycle + 1 km swim session + swim class
  • Wednesday: work commute + 1 hour run + 30 minute strength session (leg) (8 kms)
  • Thursday: work commmute cycle + 1 hour run (8 kms)
  • Friday: work commute cycle + 1 hour run (8kms)
  • Saturday: 1 km swim session + 30 minute strength session
  • Sunday: 2 hour run (16 kms)

Super excited for this coming week!

See you later!