Yo Yo Yo!

another week is over man!

That one went quick

just like the last one!

It was a good one tho. Well depends on how I judge that. It was def a lot of fun! guess that’s gotta count for something!


what went well?

  • Focused a bit more on strength work this week. I’ve been super stupid to not do enough of this in teh last 3-4 months. It’s weird how I read about this literally everywhere, still convince myself that i”m doing enough of it. I’M NOT! (if you’re into running, you might want to rethink strength work as well!)
    • But this week, I did 2 sessions. Planning to increase that to 3 sessions this week!
  • Started running again this week! Did a little over 26 Kms. Nothing fancy but the great thing is that most of it was pain free!
    • My total stress score for running was: 246 (comes from teh elevate chrome extension)
  • Ice skating
    • Went for my first ice skating session this winter. Was fun, but didn’t make a lot of progress, maybe I should watch some training videos, maybe I sholud focus on something else. I dont know!
  • My table is here
    • I finally got myself a study table and a chair. I don’t know how I’ve lived without these. I get more time these days with all the no-running. guess that’s why
  • Ebay
    • Posted my first item on Ebay (from the crochet jewelry)
    • Excited to see how that goes!

What didn’t go well?

  • Weekends
    • I’ve to make the next one workout well!
    • You don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan! Ask me all about it!
    • This will be fixed this week! you’ll see
  • Room organization
    • my room is a mess right now and it’s been that way since quite sometime now
    • Just putting it out there to make use of the accountability Gods and fix this for atleast a month!
    • This will be mostly go hand in hand with my weekend planning!
  • Sleep
    • This one was weird. I slept for 7 hours on most working days. But totally more than made up for it on the weekend. I don’t know what to do honestly. Want to improve my sleeping quality but don’t kown how can I do that! Will be researching this bit hopefully!

What am I looking forward to!

  • Work
    • Lots of interesting work!
  • Running
    • Yeah, I’m back. Hated seeing someone else on top of the weekly leaderboard on Nike Running (based onn mileage)
    • got my new Hoka arahi 3! Excited to try them out today!
    • Planning to do a total stress score of around 400 (this is rough guess, I could be totally wrong) and maybe around 40-45 Kms of running!
  • Strength!
    • Gotta do 3 strength sessions! 2 focused on legs and maybe a core sessions as well!
  • Workout schedule:
    • Monday: Running: Easy 45
    • Tuesday: Strength Legs + swimming 1Km + swimming lessons
    • Wednesday: Running 1:30 minutes
    • Thursday: Strength Legs + Running 45 minutes
    • Friday: Rest Day: Core workout + stretching
    • Saturday: Long Run (2 hours)
    • Sunday: Strength Legs + swimming
  • Goals:
    • Post more items on Ebay
    • WEekend planning
    • sleep research
    • Work
    • Machine learning work
    • Workouts! * Running: 40+ Kms

I think that’s all I have!

Kill it!

Sodhi #stayhard!