Yo Yo Yo!

Another quick week!

What went well?

  • Increased run mileage to around 38 Kms
    • total stress score is (TBD)
  • Increased total working out time last week to 8 hours
  • Started my 2-3 days of vegan’ism. Plan to do complete 2-3 month vegan prep. Would judge improvement after that
  • Gargi was visiting London (she is working in Paris now). Weekend was very social and fun! Went to dishoom after a looong time!
  • cleaned my home up a bit, big big improvement!

What didn’t go well?

  • While the weekend was fun, it could have been more productive from a work standpoint.
  • I’ve been trying to sleep less, which has lead to an irregular sleeping schedule. This is impacting my work at times :(
  • Didn’t do enough strength sessions.

Things i’m excited about

  • Machine learning project at work!
  • Some studying that I’m doing on my own time
  • Booked my tickets for Mumbai marathon. Excited for this! Have to ramp up marathon prep!
  • Workouts this week
    • Monday: 1 hour running (Z2) + strength work
    • Tuesday: cycle commute + swimming session + swimmming lessons
    • Wednesday: cycle commute + 1 hour running (<=Z2) + stretching work
    • Thursday: cycle commute + rest
    • Friday: cycle commute + 1 hour running + strength work
    • Saturday: 3(or 2.5) hours running + stretching work
    • Sunday: 1 hour running + strength work

writing this at midnight hence the brevity. Gotta get it done!

Gotta kill this weekk!